OKC Connections

Help us create a space around fun facts, interests, and dreams about ourselves and discover our connection points. This space is for every member in your household; please submit one shared household answer or feel free to post multiple individual responses. (Initials or generic attributions highly encouraged for minors.) Each day features one new topic. Follow these steps to get started, to learn how to post, and to do fun things across different padlets.























Getting Started:

Sign up for a free padlet.com account. This step is critical so we know which answer belongs to you!

  • Go to padlet.com.

  • Enter an email and password, then select the Basic (free) plan.
  • In the top right corner, click your profile icon.
  • In the popup window, click Profile.

  • Click Edit Profile.

  • In the Name field, enter your full name.

Basic Instructions:

Submit your answer here for today’s topic. Feel free to submit more than one answer (one for each household member).

  • On the right side of the screen, click the white + and pink circle.

  • In the pop-up box, type your answer.

  • Double click outside the box to complete your submission.

  • Go to all OKC Connections to contribute to any topic at any time.


Special Instructions


  • Map: In the pop-up box, either search for location by name or drag and drop the pin. Double click outside the box to see your pin appear on the map.


  • Photos: Follow these steps to add a photo:

    • Title: Write 1-5 words that describe the photo.

    • Description: Write your name (required). Write a longer description of the photo (optional).

    • Arrow Up Icon: Click the arrow to load a photo from your device. Or click “...” to snap a current photo or link to photos already posted on the web.


  • Connecting Posts: After you have submitted your post, hover over the post to see a gray pop-up box with three icons (pencil, trash cans, three dots). 

    • Click “...”

    • Click Connect to a post. Pink Connect buttons will appear on other posts.

    • Click the pink Connect button on the desired post to make a connection.

    • To disconnect, click “...” 

    • Click Disconnect to post.